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hollister sale items uk Things are changing. You see, the sun spinning her Huaqun , dandelion float to the world, the new leaves are then stuck his head out and looked this world , water does not run back to move forward . Seasons, illness and death, the clock on people's lives come to an end in reincarnation until extinction. Nothing seems to be everlasting , eternal existence is absolute .

In the distant era of ancient myth , it seems there is no notion of "world" , only chaos and vague. Until today more than 200 countries of the world , which were also experienced much change? China 's territorial expansion and continued down until today 's 9.6 million square kilometers , it is absolutely unchanged ever hollister sale items uk do in a few years ?

Animals and plants are slowly evolving. Animals from the aquatic to terrestrial viviparous plants has been developed to the fern seed plant , which is the process of evolutionary development of plants and animals . They are not absolutely constant.

" Green and wild and fog, wind and grass cows and sheep ," when recited this poem , you can have clean air as well as the ancient gods busy ? Supposed to be watching the sky was covered with pure transparent veil , you do not give birth to this idea : the original clean sky go now? Our hearts go funky friends ?

Oracle after the millennium change to Chinese Simplified and Traditional ; kettle into a wok ; food culture is also interacting with each other , like milk and tofu Mongolian soldiers brought the practice of Lijiang ; costumes from the early hollister sale items uk Tang suit, cheongsam , Lenin , tunic evolution is now a modern fashion colorful clothing ; literary works from the " Analects of Confucius" "Three Character Classic " to Mo Yan 's "Frog " and so on . Social development is not always in change?

Our law is not absolute immutable . Like the 1992 edition on population issues are handled lost , the original Constitution is to require the removal of its original account , this approach is not reasonable , even some violent elements , this method was later modified to correct . The law does not also constantly improving and developing it? ( Prose reading : www.sanwen.net)

Some people will say: "Our spirit of Lei Feng has not changed it ! " But : a movie called " Lei Feng Diary" , and its viewing numbers zero ; roadside aunt to the first photo shoot , and then send a microblogging , leave ! Aunt fell gradually in people's mouths is described as a man-eating tiger ; see the need to borrow money from relatives and friends, we explain how to avoid it , which in turn much of · · · · · · ? We seem to be more valuable on their own, do not want to return without a drop of sweat , like Shoko after the fall general. This spirit seems to have gone bad , moldy , and gradually become a " form of slogans ."

The world's most complex , elusive , the most uncertain is the people. No psychologist who can guarantee to say that : "I see through a hollister sale items uk person's heart, I know what you're thinking ." People is adrift . Sometimes , the mother can for their own children rushed to work, to donate organs. And sometimes , the mother would kill her own child. People are complex , you can not go to them with absolute sensory analysis and objective attitude.

Everything seems to be in circulation hollister sale items uk changes , there is no absolute .

But since we do not recognize things absolutely , we should also admit that there are things that are absolute. We can analyze , since this world nothing is absolute, that everything is possible , why there is no such possibility: this world some things are absolute, timeless . Like the blood of our parents and their parents , which is absolutely not changed.

There hollister sale items uk is no absolute , there is absolutely , this is a great understanding of the ideas of great wisdom embodied it.